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Powermill 2019 - implementation of the postprocessor on the UMC 750 5-axis machine

Powermill 2018- 3d model of the machine, which was provided by the customer, was made to simulate the trajectory in the program

Fusion 360 - the introduction of a post processor for a turning and milling machine

Powermill 2017 - 4-axis variable pitch auger processing

Powermill 2018 - the first steps of turning in the program

Powermill Movement in polar coordinates. This lesson went into the video tutorial.

Powermill 2020 - Choosing a strategy for tracing a contour on a non-flat surface

Powermill - introduced a postprocessor for 4-axis machining .CNC - DSP A18

Video Tutorial Powermill 2017 

Powermill 2019 - introduction of multi-axis drilling for postprocessor development on the UMC-750 HAAS machine.

powermill-  4 axis machining lesson

Video Tutorial Powermill 2017 - get to know the content

Powermill 2019 - Introduction  multi-axis postprocessor   on the UMC-750 HAAS machine.

Powermill - gear processing, replacement of a spherical cutter with an end cutter when simulating a trajectory

Powermill - Milling

Powermill 2019 - introduction of a postprocessor, 5-axis drilling on a UMC-750 HAAS machine

FeatureCAM 2018 - Introduction to Geometry and Feature Creation
This video walks you through the steps required to create machining features using geometry.

FeatureCam 2018 - automatic raster angle for raster finishing trajectories

Powermill 2019 - tutorial

wave turning

Powermill 2019 - pattern milling , 4-axis machine 


This processing was done using FeatureCam for the Doosan PUMA 2100 SY machine and a postprocessor was developed and implemented at one of the enterprises in Ukraine

Powermill - simulator for 5-axis machine DMG DMU 50 evo_linier


featurecam  - use of devices


FeatureCam operation "lunette support"

Delcam For SolidWorks - getting started in creating a project

In the video you will get acquainted with how you can create and save a project, make a blank and create a zero program for the simplest 2.5 D processing



featurecam  - add a time delay to the drilling operation in the drilling cycle.  


FeatureCam - rough turning on both sides .

FeatureCam - turning using cycles on the machine 16K20T1 NTs-31

FeatureCam - Rough Turning with a Disc Mill

featurecam-  easy text engraving and fast text mirroring

 PowerInspect - creation of a part measurement project, simulation and real measurement on the machine. The stylus trajectory program was created in PowerInspect using a post processor that was implemented for this task.

 PowerInspect - simulation of the trajectory of the probe for measuring the control points of the part and obtaining a control program directly for measuring these points on the machine and comparing them with the values of the nominal values of the points.

Powermil 2017 - Implementation of a 5-axis post-processor on a milling machine

Powermill 2017 - transitions between toolpaths in NC file. 4 axis machining

Fusion 360 Post Processor Implementation

Powermill 2017 - completion of the implementation of the 5-axis post processor 

Powermill 2018 - creating a workpiece from a rotation curve

Powermill 2017 - 5 Axis Pocket Undercut Machining

FeatureCam 2017 - Post Processor  NTs31 for lathe 16AF20F3

FeatureCam 2018 - creating a blank from a rotation curve

Powermill 2017 - auger handling lesson

Powermill 2018 - Offset Turning

Powermill 2018 - 4-axis finger part machining

Powermill - rib processing with perpendicular passes

Powermill 2018 - variable pitch auger processing

 Powermill 2018 - один из способов обработки боком фрезы на 4-х осевом станке

Powermill - Development of a machine simulator for testing processing in the Powermill program

Powermill - a lesson in processing a jewelry ring on a homemade milling 4-axis machine
FeatureCam 2020 Offset Rough Groove .This is one of the FeatureCam 2020 Video Tutorial
Powermill - 5-axis machine simulator with automatic tool change

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