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Our company provides engineering and technical services, consultations in the field of using CAD technology, CAD / CAM systems, and also develops postprocessors for CNC machines

CNC postprocessor
CNC postprocessor
CNC postprocessor
CNC postprocessor

if you need post processor

FeatureCam & Powermill Video Tutorials


The company is engaged in the professional development of post-processors for the well-known CAM systems of Autodesk- Powermill, FeatureCam, ARTCAM, Delcam For Solidworks for creating control programs for CNC machines. And also for SolidCam Today, many enterprises buy new expensive equipment with CNC or upgrade old, buy expensive tools. But they forget that this is not enough to produce advanced technologies, control programs for these machines.

The closing process of production preparation is the postprocessor. And this is what you need to pay due attention to. To make a high-quality post-processor is the key to the success of the output of the control program, without additional intervention, as well as the safe operation of the machine during the processing process. A postprocessor is a program for translating from only one CAM-system to the codes of one particular machine, and it will not work for other CAMs.



Featured tutorials for working in FeatureCam & Powermill. The basic concept of these textbooks is that they are intended for users of these CAM systems, and contain basic concepts and ways of working in these systems. CAM systems are intended for the release of control programs and technological documentation for CNC machines.


Simply give a specialist a Video Tutorial for self-study. It's no secret that learning any subject is much easier on video than reading help, even if they are written in Russian. This is tiring, and everything that is stated there is not always clear. . The contents of the textbook are linked by active links to the corresponding videos. Therefore, you can get an answer to a question at any time. You just need to click on the content item, and a video will be launched, clearly demonstrating how to do this with examples. You do not have to read tedious inquiries and understand your own examples. You will receive a comprehensive answer, using the examples covered in this tutorial.



Consultations on FeatureCam, Powermill. You started working in the CAM system, completed training or studied on your own, excellent !!!. You took the first steps, created processing projects. All is well, you are delighted. But suddenly for some reason they stopped and stomped on the spot. It’s not even clear why it doesn’t work, the trajectory is not calculated, or the tool doesn’t go as it would be desirable. Maybe you just don’t have enough practice, knowledge, experience. Yes, of course it happens, and often the boss also stands behind him and says that it was necessary yesterday.

And today there is no time to wait and the machine should work. A familiar picture typical of production. You can even say that it does not change. I came up with the idea to conduct consultations, technical support in an emergency when this help is needed. Naturally on mutually beneficial terms. You receive, for example, a month of consultation on issues of interest that relate to work in systems such as Powermill, FeatureCam. But at the beginning of each current month, you make a preliminary fee of $ 50.

For my part, I will provide support. This does not apply to basic learning issues. These are just the questions that arise when creating some kind of processing strategy and specific problems when creating a trajectory. Training is a separate issue and these services are not included here



Training Powermill Video Tutorial -

$ 350 ,

FeatureCam Video Tutorial $ -250

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